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Monday already?

Well, that weekend soon passed me by!! I did manage to spend quite a lot of time working on my Ferret Knot – I didn’t make it all the way round to the hand, but I’m still quite pleased with my weekend’s work:


I will finish that little area on the left that needs filling in today, then it’s back to the daffodil that I promised for a charity set (last year!!) – Helen at Stitch Clubs has been very patient 😉


A sunny Wednesday…..

…and I’m inside stitching. What another beautiful day it is here in Devon. Not a bit of breeze, I could probably take my stitching outside quite safely – but then I couldn’t spread everything out and have my laptop easily at hand!! LOL

A couple of updates – I made some more progress on Cinderella last night for UFO Tuesday:

I have found a home for her when she is finished – she will go to a group called Cuddle Cushions – who are making cushions for children in an Australian hospital.

And I have an updated pic of Kindness – not as far along as I’d like to be, but still hopeful that it will be finished this week. I pulled out the purple centres of the motifs to replace with a bright yellow..which will also be used for the wording:

When this is done, I have another stitchalong lined up (surprise, surprise!! LOL) – myself and some of the girls at 1-2-3 Stitch will be working on various Passion des croix – starting May 1st.


Good Friday

Seems like AGES since I last blogged, and it’s only been a little over a week. My sister is visiting from Uni so I haven’t had much chance to get online recently. My sister and Mum are visiting family in Somerset today, so with an empty house, I should get plenty of time for catching up today. Thought I would begin by updating with some of my recent stitching….

First up is an updated pic of ‘Kindness’ – the pic is very dark, will make sure to get one in better light next time!!

Sylvia of SOLAK and FTS mentioned that we were getting low on logos to be used in the cards that are sent out with each quilt – we jumped in and got busy, should be good for a few months now. Below are the two that I stitched:

I also made some progress on ‘Oriental Beauty’ – I am loving this piece more and more while I work on her, the colours are so perfect for spring, especially now the sun is shining!

And last but not least – I made a start on the ‘Red Velvet Inscription Sampler’ – I have stitched most of the first motif since this picture was taken, and will update before moving on to the next one.

If you want to join our stitchalong at Stitch Clubs, we are aiming to stitch one motif each week.

Well, I am going to make the most of my ‘freedom’, and hopefully get in plenty of stitching…then I thought I would surprise my sister with some of her favourite snack…little raisin-fairy cakes, and of course I will have to sample one when they are finished baking, just to check they are okay….

If I don’t get back on before hand….have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!

cross stitch · WIP

Oriental Beauty

When I was tidying up my WIP album the other day, I came across this pretty piece that I haven’t worked on for a while – it is ‘Oriental Beauty’, by Joan Elliot. You probably all know me well enough to know that I have a HUGE amount of WIPs, and that I will no doubt put this one away again and not get close to finishing…but it’ll be fun trying 😉

The sun is shining, I should be making the most of a beautiful day, but I REALLY want to stitch!! LOL. I could really do with a nice conservatory or summer room right now – reckon my landlord would take on the request? LOL

So, with three cats for company, a large mug of coffee, and of course, my trusty laptop….I settle down to a day of stitching!


What a grey day :(

Well, the sun has not attempted to make an appearance at all here today….it has looked like late evening all day, not the most uplifting of weather.

But hey, I am indoors stitching, so who cares!! LOL. I am going to put Elven Love down for a few days to work on a couple of smaller projects, so I have taken an update pic…

For the next couple of days I will be working on quilt squares for various projects, hope to have a couple of finishes to share with you over the weekend!
And whatever you are up to this weekend, have a good one!

Elven Love

Looking through my ‘stash’ the other day, I came across my favourite chart in my collection….though not always my favourite to stitch. It is ‘Elven Love’ – a discontinued White Willow Stitching design. I really wanted to get back to work on it, so pulled it out for UFO Tuesday at Stitch Clubs. Here was my progress on the last update, and on the right, a picture of the original artwork, by Selina Fenech:

I have stitched a little more since this pic was taken, and look forward to posting a new update pic soon!

Other news today – not a lot! (Story of my life) I ventured into town to get some fish to restock my aquarium, only to find the shop itself was restocking, so I couldn’t get any buddies for the two lonely little neons swimming around my tank. Then, walking back through town, I passed my local ‘Wool and Needlecraft Shop’ – they are closing down next month, such a shame, it is a lovely little store. But I can see a few bargains on the horizon, and I picked a few cheap yarns up as usual from the odd dyes basket. Always a dangerous place for me to look!

Great to be back to ‘blogging’ again – like chatting to an old friend…..let’s see if I can keep at it a little longer this time……