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Made a start on the tiny scarves – 22 knitted so far, 5 finished  and tassled:


These are a lot of fun and a nice break in between stitching.


Or how about teeny tiny scarves – the Origins Ginger Knits Campaign will donate £1 to Shelter from the sale of every scarf-adorned bottle of Goinger Essence. Knitted in green, gold and red, these scarves take only 10 minutes or so to knit!

I am going to attempt to finish 100 of these also. My second goal for October.

As you may know, I am aiming to knit 100 little hats for the big knit – so far this year, the appeal doesn’t seem to be going so well, and they are a long way off their target of 400,000 hats. If you can spare a moment (and some yarn), please consider knitting a hat or two to help out with their campaign.

I am off to a slow start, I have only 7 little hats knitted, and not yet sewn up. I am going to need to finish about 25 a week if I want to reach my own goal, that leaves me with 18 more to complete by Sunday…fingers crossed 😉

I finally plucked up the courage to try my hand at sock knitting – only to find that knitting on 5 needles is not as hard as it looks – in fact, it’s a doddle so far!! Okay, I still have to get to the heel yet, but I’ll worry about that when I come to it. The yarn is ‘Opal Rainforest – ‘Fish’. I am taking part in a sockalong at Stitch Clubs, and it just so happens that Angel Yarns are also including Opal Rainforest in a current sockalong. My family will probably be relieved, something different than scarves this year for Christmas 😉

Just finished another preemie hat – same pattern, just rolled the brim a little higher. One more on the needles now, in white, then it’s back to my mystery cross stitch…..with breaks in between for sewing purple strips together into blankets.

I fancied a change from stitching this afternoon, so I knitted this little preemie-sized hat to send to World Of Charity Stitching:

Next is a little blue one, same pattern – available here. Easy to work on whilst I enjoy CSI….just how many episodes are there, seems like every day I see a new one!!

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