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Pretty kitty

I did pick up the kitten for a few stitches last night – no major progress, but a couple of hours closer to completion. I almost forgot – I heard that the biscornu I stitched for Rachael’s swap finally reached it’s destination a couple of days ago – I stitched the same design on both sides and couldn’t resist the cute heart buttons.


poppykitten31.jpg  pinkside1.jpg  purpleside.jpg
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Ready for spring?

Don’t know about you, but I certainly am….thought I might try and hurry it along with a new theme…there are no flowers in my garden yet, so I will make do with a little blog garden for now.

What have I been up to since I last blogged? Let’s see…last UFO Tuesday saw some progress on a long time un-finished project – Poppy Kitten. Here she was before, and after:

 poppykitten1.jpg poppykitten2.jpg I will resume stitching on this piece for an hour or two tonight 🙂

I did have a couple of small finishes – these adorable helicopters from the April 2008 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy are part of a set that I am stitching for a group that makes quilts for sick and injured children….they were so much fun to stitch, I will stitch another 2 very soon!

purpleheli.jpg yellowheli.jpg

I am still working on that daffodil for Helen – slowly I’m afraid, but will get it finished this week.


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Monday already?

Well, that weekend soon passed me by!! I did manage to spend quite a lot of time working on my Ferret Knot – I didn’t make it all the way round to the hand, but I’m still quite pleased with my weekend’s work:


I will finish that little area on the left that needs filling in today, then it’s back to the daffodil that I promised for a charity set (last year!!) – Helen at Stitch Clubs has been very patient 😉

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Nearly didn’t make it

I’ve been putting off blogging today until I had an update pic of my Quaker Game Board….I have finished all of the coloured areas on the motifs except those stitched with dark green which I am missing at the moment. That just leaves me with the remaining letters, and a couple of signature motifs, to complete the main section of the design…my aim for this week 🙂


I had news from Stephanie at Nouveau Encore Designs today – the personalised sampler design I ordered is complete – and it is gorgeous:

Johanna’s Personalised Sampler

I am really looking forward to picking out fabric and threads to stitch this with….I love how Stephanie managed to inorporate everything I asked for…family names, three little cats to represent family pets, my hobbies – and another totally unique design. I am really looking forward to stitching this, knowing there is not another design out there quite like it.

And so, with less than 20 minutes of the day remaining, I just about managed to make a blog entry to stay on track for my 30 days 😉

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Glutton for Punishment?

I remember declaring just a few short years ago that samplers just really weren’t my ‘thing’ – oh how things have changed, I seem to be hooked on them…all shapes and sizes. Collecting them that is, stitching them will come, in time…LOL. One that will go straight to the top of the list though, is the personalised sampler I just ordered from Nouveau Encore Designs – Stephanie, the designer is a pleasure to do business with. I have been admiring the samplers she designs using copyright free alphabets and motifs for some time now, and yesterday, I finally decided I had to have one of my own. Somehow, Stephanie is going to incorporate my love of crafts, reading, cats and even dragons into one piece! All being well, the design should be ready in about 2 weeks, hopefully just enough time to finish my Game Board!

Oh, did I mention, the design will be somewhere around 400 stitches square….glutton for punishment? Maybe – but I like it!

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Oriental Beauty

When I was tidying up my WIP album the other day, I came across this pretty piece that I haven’t worked on for a while – it is ‘Oriental Beauty’, by Joan Elliot. You probably all know me well enough to know that I have a HUGE amount of WIPs, and that I will no doubt put this one away again and not get close to finishing…but it’ll be fun trying 😉

The sun is shining, I should be making the most of a beautiful day, but I REALLY want to stitch!! LOL. I could really do with a nice conservatory or summer room right now – reckon my landlord would take on the request? LOL

So, with three cats for company, a large mug of coffee, and of course, my trusty laptop….I settle down to a day of stitching!