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Don’t know about you, but I certainly am….thought I might try and hurry it along with a new theme…there are no flowers in my garden yet, so I will make do with a little blog garden for now.

What have I been up to since I last blogged? Let’s see…last UFO Tuesday saw some progress on a long time un-finished project – Poppy Kitten. Here she was before, and after:

 poppykitten1.jpg poppykitten2.jpg I will resume stitching on this piece for an hour or two tonight 🙂

I did have a couple of small finishes – these adorable helicopters from the April 2008 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy are part of a set that I am stitching for a group that makes quilts for sick and injured children….they were so much fun to stitch, I will stitch another 2 very soon!

purpleheli.jpg yellowheli.jpg

I am still working on that daffodil for Helen – slowly I’m afraid, but will get it finished this week.



Made a start on the tiny scarves – 22 knitted so far, 5 finished  and tassled:


These are a lot of fun and a nice break in between stitching.

Or how about teeny tiny scarves – the Origins Ginger Knits Campaign will donate £1 to Shelter from the sale of every scarf-adorned bottle of Goinger Essence. Knitted in green, gold and red, these scarves take only 10 minutes or so to knit!

I am going to attempt to finish 100 of these also. My second goal for October.

I wanted something quick and eay to stitch yesterday, so picked out another rabbit for our charity stitchalong at Stitch Clubs – the finished set will be sent to SOLAK:


The fabric is actually white,  not blue as it looks in the pic!

I stitched a companion piece a week or two ago, which will go along with the same set:

I finished a few more squares for Friends To Seniors this week. Pics are lousy…they really are all stitched on white aida!! LOL

I am going to give the quilt squares a break for a few days and concentrate on some of my own stitching.

Finished a few squares this week for Friends To Seniors last week – they will all be used on quilts for the Universal Beneficent Society – an organisation which helps some of the poorest elderly people in the UK. Our association with the UBS has meant that we are able to reach out to many more people than before.

Just finished another preemie hat – same pattern, just rolled the brim a little higher. One more on the needles now, in white, then it’s back to my mystery cross stitch…..with breaks in between for sewing purple strips together into blankets.

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22 X charity quilt squares
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1 X tiny stocking for Macmillan fundraiser
2 X cards
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2 X bookmarks
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