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Been a long time since I blogged!! Will find a few pics of bits and pieces I’ve worked on the past few months later, and maybe update the theme too, no longer (if it was ever) summer, think we’ve moved straight into winter without the lovely autumn weather and colours…!!

Hope everyone out there in Blogland is keeping well 🙂

Edited to add: Decided I liked this theme – not seasonal, just fun, looking outside it’s so grey and dull, need something bright and cheery!!

Now that we finally left wintery-spring behind here in the UK, if felt like time for a change of theme…..I wish we had more to choose from here on WordPress (I may have to go for an upgrade 😉 ), but I thought this one looked a little more like summer with the blue-sky-like background. The image is a picture of a lake back ‘home’ in Somerset.

Just realised I still didn’t post a picture of my progress on this beautiful design…..on the other hand, it does mean you will actally be able to see what it is 😉 If you haven’t heard me go on (and on) about this chart in previous blog entries, it is the recent Superchart from CrossStitcher.

King Tut'

Rachael is further along than I am if you would like to see more – she also has some other very beautiful projects on the go, I don’t know how she keeps up with them all!!

I am so in love with this design, and so far I just don’t want to put it down for any other stitching. I have more Egyptian charts lined up to stitch after this one, and one day I really must get back to my beloved ‘Boy King’ that sees so few stitches each year…

Whilst looking through my magazines to find some Christmassy designs to stitch for Granny’s Quilts (we are making about 28 for the kids so wanted to start early!!) – I came across a little reindeer design that I had started last year. As it was UFO Tuesday, I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and finished him off:


Of course, in this beautiful summery weather most of us have been enjoying lately, I didn’t want him to feel too out of place, so I stitched a little elf to keep him company:


And now it is back to Tut’ – I picked up all of the threads I was missing for this design…had to get Anchor not DMC, hope it won’t matter too much. WIll get a progress pic some time at the weekend when he starts to take a little more shape.

Well – as good as 😉

Fruit Smoothie

I haven’t decided how I will finish the border yet, but for now, I am calling this done! Really enjoyed it, but also glad to be finished and on to something new….which is, of course, Tut’!! I am finding this a really pleasant piece to work on so far, and I love the marbled aida. I will get a snap when I have more to show 😀

Pat of Granny’s Quilts kindly allowed me to share this picture of the quilt she made up using the set of dinosaur squares I recently stitched:

Didn’t she do a beautiful job assembling it? This, along with others will be donated to a child at Pat’s local hospital.



Completed in 2008

22 X charity quilt squares
1 X biscornu
1 X vest for AIDS babies
1 X tiny stocking for Macmillan fundraiser
2 X cards
1 X keyring
2 X bookmarks
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Fruit Smoothie

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