King Tut’

Just realised I still didn’t post a picture of my progress on this beautiful design…..on the other hand, it does mean you will actally be able to see what it is 😉 If you haven’t heard me go on (and on) about this chart in previous blog entries, it is the recent Superchart from CrossStitcher.

King Tut'

Rachael is further along than I am if you would like to see more – she also has some other very beautiful projects on the go, I don’t know how she keeps up with them all!!

I am so in love with this design, and so far I just don’t want to put it down for any other stitching. I have more Egyptian charts lined up to stitch after this one, and one day I really must get back to my beloved ‘Boy King’ that sees so few stitches each year…


7 thoughts on “King Tut’

  1. Looks wonderful Jo!, Are you using Anchor threads as it does look a slightly different shade to mine, although it could be the photo that changes it . Still looks fabulous though!! Makes me want to stitch on mine!!lol

  2. Rachael – I am using a combination….but the colours that actually look different from yours in the pic (eg. the darker blue), are actually the DMC ones, so I do think it is the photo making the difference. When I get the laptop back in action, I will get a scan so the colours are more true.

    I hope it has tempted you enough to work on yours again, you are quite a bit further along than me and I can’t wait to see more….the cover pic is nice, but ‘real’ stitching is so much better!!

  3. I am going to stitch on it tomorrow ,as I wasn’t in the mood for a large design,so I made a start on a quickie design ,but hoping to work on it soon! Oh Might be a candidate for this weekends stitchathon

  4. Good luck Rachael, I am sure you will make great progress. Hope you are enjoying the quick-stitch too!

    Thanks Leechy, I am enjoying this one so much that I hope to make enough progress by the weekend for another update 🙂

  5. Looking very good, Jo! It is so ‘regal’ in appearance. Fantastic stitching on a lovely design! I can’t wait to see more of your progress. =)


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