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Christmas in June!

Posted on: June 13, 2008

Whilst looking through my magazines to find some Christmassy designs to stitch for Granny’s Quilts (we are making about 28 for the kids so wanted to start early!!) – I came across a little reindeer design that I had started last year. As it was UFO Tuesday, I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and finished him off:


Of course, in this beautiful summery weather most of us have been enjoying lately, I didn’t want him to feel too out of place, so I stitched a little elf to keep him company:


And now it is back to Tut’ – I picked up all of the threads I was missing for this design…had to get Anchor not DMC, hope it won’t matter too much. WIll get a progress pic some time at the weekend when he starts to take a little more shape.


5 Responses to "Christmas in June!"

They are adorable. Great job Jo.

Hey Jo! That reindeer is so precious! He reminds me of Bambi, and I keep thinking he should have lots of other deer around him with Santa hats. I like it.

The elf—-he just makes me :: gigglesnort :: He’ s so cute!!! There is that little “mischievous elf charm” in there, too. =)

Great stitching!!


Lovely pieces Jo.

Those are both cute! Great job on them.

They’re cute Jo 😉 Well done!

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