Fruit Smoothie Finished

Well – as good as 😉

Fruit Smoothie

I haven’t decided how I will finish the border yet, but for now, I am calling this done! Really enjoyed it, but also glad to be finished and on to something new….which is, of course, Tut’!! I am finding this a really pleasant piece to work on so far, and I love the marbled aida. I will get a snap when I have more to show 😀


6 thoughts on “Fruit Smoothie Finished

  1. Well done that lady! It’s great, Jo – you must be sooooooooo pleased with it!! Thanks for sharing, It’s lovely 😉

  2. Johanna you finished it! :::::: rousing round of applause :::::: it’s fabulous!!! The watermelon on that piece…I just want to pick it right off and savor it. lol (I like watermelon!) The kiwi too! Oh ALL of it looks great. Your stitching is nice and what I call “fluffy” too—just beautiful. =) Thanks for sharing!!! A job well done!


  3. Thanks everyone – this really was such a fun design to stitch 🙂

    Lisa – I have finished with the chart for this one now, ’tis all yours if you want it 😉

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